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About ePension

The Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal has decided to implement ePension as an initiative of ICT based eGovernance Application to extend the service to the teaching and non-teaching employees of Grant-in-Aid Colleges of West Bengal after their retirement from the service. The system is a web based online application and implemented under the close supervision of Pension Branch of Education Directorate and Directorate of Public Instruction. The said application is supposed to produce documents to submit to Accountant General West Bengal to start the disbursement of pension to the employees. The initiative has been taken place from the financial year 2016-17 with the preparation of blue print, finalization of process flow, ICT orientation programme for college employees, guidelines for implementation. The system will help to monitor the overall process, possible bottle neck, MIS reports etc. This online application will enhance communication between regular employees, colleges & Departmental authorities.

General Information:

i.   At the initial stage the application will be rolled out for the employees of Grant-in-Aid Colleges in West Bengal.

ii.   All the regular fulltime teaching and non-teaching employees appointed in substantive posts are beneficiaries of the application.

iii.  In the beginning phase the application will deal with the profile of the employees prior to retirement of 8 months.

iv.   Concern College profile will also be approved by the system.

v.   Both the College and DPI authorities are involved in the process flow of the application.

vi.   A User Id and Password will be provided to each stakeholder which has to be changed according to the concern user.

Significance of ePension:

It will help in timely disbursement of pension to the incumbent and provide proper information to the stakeholders. The application has the provision to send alert to the employee to prepare their pension papers. The stakeholders and beneficiaries will have the tracking facilities at any given time. The process will enhance the scope to authorities in fast mobilization of pension process. Early action may be taken from administrative end for any wrong functional movement from incumbent or college authority end.

All the Grant-in-aid colleges are supposed to be covered under the e-Pension application.The said ICT system will provide the intact database of Grant-in-aid colleges and employees which will help the department to take any administrative decision.


All the Grant-in-aid colleges are supposed to be covered under the e-Pension application.